help these girls!


A week ago our all-femme crew got caught in a storm at the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, during which our propeller became entangled in kelp and killed our engine. In the brief period that we were dead in the water against the current, the storm blew us hard into the Dungeness Spit, where the Coast Guard advised us to abandon ship and hike out to safety.

The last week we’ve tried every method in the books to unground our vessel – a 32ft 1979 Bayfield Cutter.  Digging for hours, winching furiously to kedge her out, and hiking 3 miles a day both ways in and out of the Spit has pushed us to our physical limits.

She hasn’t taken on much more than cosmetic damage, no cracks or holes in the hull (so far). The tide has been falling each day and she’s so far up the beach that we’ve lost our window to unground her alone. We have to have the boat towed professionally out of the sand, which has left us a bill of about $6,000. We collectively don’t have that amount of money. We need some help.

All funds will go towards paying the tow debt, and any amount leftover goes directly to repairs and re-provisioning to finish our voyage to California, where our captain lives.

Thank you so much.

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