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World Sailing – the latest Turbulences

In the past few weeks, we have reported on various inconsistencies in the management of the international sailing federation World Sailing, as commented on in the Norwegian SeilMagasinet and other sailing publications. Irregularities in the selection of the Olympic classes for 2024, financial emergencies with a near-bankrupt situation, complaints from board members against the president, and much more brought World Sailing in a crooked light. —– With the dispute between President Kim Andersen DEN with the involvement of a London law firm and the World Sailing Ethics Commission, currently dealing with the third claim filed against him, the sad matter has reached a temporary climax. Here is the Google translation of the article in the Norvegian of yesterday, August 31st. —– Hopefully, the World Sailing Member National Authorities will put an end to this tragedy recalling this incompetent President and Board from Office at the General Assembly in next November (scheduled to be held electronically).