beggars banquet

Aw, look who’s gone begging for money! What, daddy giving you the “newsletter” wasn’t good enough? Your cut and paste bullshit, soft and predictable “editorials”,  pushing propaganda, and being a male cheerleader for the status quo didn’t quite do it? I mean after all, just how much ass do you have to kiss to make them like you? You’d have been better off getting a deal from Chap Stick. Oh wait, too lazy to get that.

And now you want people to give you money…for what?? Because it’s a tough world out there and you just can’t quite cut it? This is nothing other than someone who’s too lazy to actually go out and beg for money, to just sit on his lazy ass and beg for money.  The suckers who give you money get nothing in return.  That’s one hell of a  business model.

A laughable and pathetic thing to do from a cheap, laughable and pathetic douche.