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Big Pimpin'

Compete in offshore sailing races around the world from your mobile device

The Realsail Team is working on a virtual sailing game that will offer a real offshore sailing experience and competition on races of days, weeks and months of duration. We think we have nearly everything you would like in a game:

– Real meteo forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
– Real Google Maps based cartography
– Top oceanic sailboats real polars
– Real controls (heading, trimming, sails)
– Wind and heading autopilot controls

Join the Realsail skippers competition along the different oceans on short and long races and become the best offshore skipper in the world.

The game will be launched in the next months so click here and join the beta program to share your feedback and desires, to stay updated with new features and to become one the first skippers to compete in the virtual sailing game.

Good wind skippers!