knee deep alright

We are hearing of some real Great Lakes PHRF bullshit going on. The #MoreKidsOnSailboats Leukemia Cup Race is this weekend, and that group has raised close to $22k for LLS. Amazing group and ready to tackle the race course.

But prior to the race LE PHRF has gotten involved with a rating on an all kids boat. They¬† slapped a -3 rudder penalty on Knee Deep via a phone call 4 days before a regatta for a 33 year-old rudder updated under IOR and cannot substantiate its claim with measurements, dates etc. No hearing, no process and actually an organization Knee Deep doesn’t even belong to!

Sadly PHRF is showing kids that big boat sailing is not worth the headache. With shit like this, why would they ever leave dinghies? More as we get it.