top of the food chain

Big Pimpin'

Reckmann have long been acknowledged as producers of the Porsche of sail furlers in terms of engineering and reliability. But maintaining this hard-won reputation means never standing still

Nearly all sailors know that the Reckmann brand is a guarantee of superlative build quality and rocksolid reliability. But to keep its enviable position at the top of a fiercely competitive market for four generations, this family-owned company has maintained a brisk pace of constant innovation, incrementally improving and evolving its product lines to stay ahead of the game in quality, functionality and long-term value for money.

That’s why so many of the world’s finest yachts have Reckmann furlers on their bows and in their booms. Strong, collaborative partnerships have been forged over the years with many shipyards. One of these is with Southern Wind Shipyard (SWS), the builder of high-performance, carbon composite superyachts.

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