we found your yacht

We found this Dinghy on our shore this morning (Aug30). NO identity markings. It contained 5 empty Molson bottles, a Hockey stick, a used condom, and a book of Poutine recipes. I think it came untied from someone’s dock. The Wife thinks it was a scuttled Canadian Navy Battleship. If you can PROVE it is yours, come get it NOW!

Update: I contacted the Canadian Navy, they said ” NOT OURS (eh), we use ALUMINUM Rowboats for BattleCruisers” I have had numerous people wanting to buy it. It is NOT FOR SALE, looking for the REAL Owner so it can be RETURNED. If by Sept. 1 it is not claimed I will probably DONATE to a Charity Organization Camp somewhere. Someones LOSS will then be Appreciated by Happy Children.

Claim your yacht!