We usually laugh at the absurdity of these sorts of quests, but  this young woman is out there battling and having success, even with the POS 27′.

She is doing it,  we give her props, and deem her this week’s SCOTW!

Holly Martin, a 28-year-old woman from Bremen, sailing alone aboard her 27-foot sloop Gecko, recently landed on a remote island in the South Pacific as part of her voyage around the world.

Martin began her journey in Round Pond on October 29, 2018, sailed south, made her way west exploring the Caribbean, then transited the Panama Canal.

She departed the west coast of Panama this year on May 31 and arrived in Nuku Hiva, part of the Marquesas Islands group, on July 11.

The voyage from Panama covered more than 3,700 miles of open ocean, the longest nonstop leg of her journey to date, a total of 41 days alone at sea. Since leaving Maine, Martin has encountered heavy weather, equipment problems and international travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on, thanks to the Free Press.