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Local Knowledge

The Mercury Class, after a lot of planning on how to handle the Corona virus, held a 3 race regatta over the weekend. Prior to racing, the class developed a virus safety plan which was reviewed by the US Forest Service before they granted this year’s permit. Social distancing was of primary concern so the skippers meeting was done on VHS radio.

The RC was moved from the beach to a boat off shore and the annual Saturday night Tri-Tip dinner was cancelled. Huntington Lake being a largely outdoor venue and not having a yacht club facility was the optimal spot for a regatta this year of the virus. The lake is full of water and the wind for all 3 races was the typical medium breeze with lots of shifts.

The regatta drew 5 boats from Southern California, 4 boats from Central California and 7 from the Northern Fleet. We also had 1 sailor down from Seattle for the regatta. All and all, a great turn out during what is a difficult year for sailboat racing. Special thanks to Adam and Renee Corpuz-Lanne for the excellent job as race committee for the weekend. Results here. – Lyn Hines.

Title inspiration thanks to The JackBoys