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In a previous article we looked at the benefits of having live forestay load data using the Cyclops Marine Smarttune load sensor. In this blog we take a closer look at the sister product, often used in combination with the Smarttune, called the Smartlink. This is a flexible, multipurpose load sensor designed to be lashed into any system, to provide live loads.

The Cyclops Marine Smartlink was developed over the winter of 2019/2020 in collaboration with America’s Cup INEOS Team UK. Their requirement was for the smallest, lightest possible wireless load cell, and the result is the Smartlink.

Made from Titanium and incorporating a traditional electrical strain gauge, the Smartlink has onboard processing capability, which converts the electrical signal to a calibrated, digital load reading which is then transmitted over Bluetooth at one reading per second (1Hz). The load can be read directly on a handheld device, using the free IOS/Android App, or integrated directly with existing onboard displays using the NMEA2000 Gateway. More here