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Olympic Games 2024 – Will the Events/Class selection be reopened?

Another turbulence around World Sailing – we have reported on the serious financial problems and insufficient, indelicate governance of President Kim Anderson DEN and his Executive Board – concerns the choice of events (classes) for the 2024 Olympic Games Paris/Marseille. The decision taken at the 2018 annual meeting in Saratoga USA under questionable circumstances has been criticized by the IOC Vice President and former Vice President of ISAF (World Sailing) Ng Ser Miang SNG already two years ago. —– According to the IOC Timeline, the final decision of the 2024 Olympic program, ie for sailing the selection of events and classes, will be taken at the IOC Executive Board meeting in December 2020, and International Federations can still adapt their proposals. —– In the yesterday edition of the Norwegian SeilMagasinet (Google translation available), Mikkel Thommessen NOR examined the question of class selection as a result of the World Sailing elections in just three months. There are strong tendencies among Member National Authorities to reopen the question of class selection, and it may be assumed that a new Executive Committee will propose to keep the 2020 classes for 2024 for various reasons. On the occasion of his re-election as IOC Vice-President last month, Ng Ser Miang reiterated his point of view on the issue. The Olympic Games are not a testing ground for new experiences. The complexity of our sport cannot be an excuse for not following the principles and protecting the integrity of our sport and especially of our sailors. See article in Sail-World of July 19th. If a change will occur will be known in December 2020 and it is still possible that the Finns and the 470 women and men will remain Olympic classes for 2024.