monkey around

Hello people of Sailing Anarchy! I’m Sydney Steenland, I am 15 years old and the founder The Sea Monkey Project.  Let me tell you what The Sea Monkey Project is and how we started it!

Mum (Sarah Steenland), Dad, my brother and I have lived on our sailboat “Sea Monkey” since 2011. Sailing from Australia and through South East Asia, we saw first-hand that the ocean plastic pollution issue is a global and vast problem.

Spanning to every corner of the earth and affecting both human’s and nature’s health in ways you never even new existed. So once we reached Malaysia we created The Sea Monkey Project because we just couldn’t sit by and look at it anymore. We had to try and do something about the problem.

The Sea Monkey Project is a social enterprise that focuses on plastic pollution solutions and education. To list all the different things we do to help the environment whilst benefiting underprivileged communities would takes ages, if you want to learn more check out our website Sea Monkey Project.

 But for now, let me tell you about our latest Earth-saver!! As sailors, I know you want to protect our oceans, therefore I think you’ll be interested in this!

 A large portion of what we do is up-cycling discarded materials. Check out our newest and snazziest up-cycled items that are our biggest triumph and keep a great deal of pollution out of our ocean. 

 I’m talking about backpacks, totes, and hip bags. These bags are truly bags for the Earth. My family and I have collected-by-hand items of pollution from all over South East Asia, such as:

  • Boat sails and kite sails (donated from fellow cruisers)
  • Fishing (ghost) nets 
  • Rope
  • Seatbelts
  • Plastic pollution

 We take all these materials and breathe new life into them as these bags. Handcrafted by refugees from Pakistan and with every bag sold, we will plant one mangrove in Myanmar with Earth Restoration to make these a climate positive bag. So you can feel 100% awesome that you’re helping make an impact!

Find out more about the differences we are making in South East Asia, or if you’d like to  support or buy one of our up cycled bags, then check out our Kickstarter campaign.