“…cannot be appealed…”

“Class Rule interpretations shall be made by IMOCA who shall delegate the task to the Class Rule Committee, who may, at its sole discretion, issue an interpretation. Any request for interpretation of the Class Rules shall be made in writing to the Chief Measurer, who shall pass it on to the Class Rule Committee.

Requests for interpretations may only be made by IMOCA members or the Chief Measurer. The origin of a request for interpretation shall remain confidential. The cost of a request for interpretation shall be set by the IMOCA’s Executive Committee. The decisions of the Chief Measurer may be subjected to validation by the Class Rule Committee via a request for interpretation but cannot be appealed and cannot be contested by an event jury, including an international jury, nor by any other legal court or tribunal…”

International Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA)  Class Rules (2021)

(…and so on, for 52 pages, single spaced. Can we go sailing now?)