doom and unmitigated failure

Ya gotta be an Aussie to figure this out…!

Being a theatre in which disgruntled members, ex members and others with excrement on the liver may don exotic costume and engage in an arcane choreography intertwining Veiled  Allegations, suggestion of Inside Knowledge, and Delphic Prophecies of Doom And Unmitigated Failure, tantalising the audience with the prospect of a glimpse of the Sordid Inner Machinations by Faceless Men and the Karmic Justice that shall imminently be meted out to them, yet all the while remaining shrouded between the Shadow and the Mist such that once the ritual is complete the question remains unanswered and the viewer can only guess at whether the thing is real, or just a half remembered Dream.

Leave your facts at the door as the only currency in this theatre is suggestion, and the only rule is never, ever answer what was asked. The thread is here.