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Big Pimpin'

If you have been pining for the racecourse as you watch the events calendar evaporate, the answer to getting back out on the water and possibly even racing may be closer than you think. And it’s your B&G autopilot that could not only hold the key, but provide a legal advantage that few are exploiting.

Covid-19 may have forced us to look at our sport in a different way, at least for the time being, but the shutdown has provided an opportunity to capitalise on a big change in offshore racing while providing an incentive to get back on the racecourse and try shorthanded sailing.

Just a few months ago, a full crew on the weather rail looked completely normal. Now it is unacceptable under the current social distancing rules, unless of course you are all from the same household. For most crews, adhering to the current rules with crew spaced 2m apart is clearly not practical. Neither is the prospect of reducing the crew of say a 40-footer from eight to say just three. Or is it?