evo or devo?

We recently showed you this amazing looking 6Mr designed by Javi Cela, and here he gives us a bit of the story:

Since I saw the 6mR boats in 2016 I found hard to believe that since 1989 nobody produced a faster boat. Actually after 1985 only small variations on winglets or bumps were performed.

The first idea was to design something totally free without or almost without constrains, and see how expensive it would be on rating assuming the penalties. Due to the heavy displacement it is very difficult to put the volume and play with its distribution below the waterline.

I have also tried to moderate a bit the penalties and balance to the rating, but keeping in the drawing board a very simple super slender boat, reducing drag as much as possible. The wetted surface is similar to other boats, so it is when the wave resistance plays when she should work better. Winglets are avoided and the balance upwind seems to be fine, so it is a clear path to explore.

The sail plan has been also studied carefully, given a totally different hull. Main has now more importance and we are exploring with the jib in medium winds. Downwind there are some further tests to compare results.

At this early stage it is difficult to predict the performance in a championship, but we feel optimistic. – Javi.

Hell we hope it’s fast. At least the dolphins think so! – ed.