x marks the yacht

Big Pimpin'

We’ve known Kenny for decades and are really happy to welcome Chandlery Yacht Sales onboard!

From the moment Kenny Kieding witnessed the launch of a new X-Yacht X4.6 last year, he knew he had to forge a relationship with the much- respected Danish builder. Kieding’s Santa Barbara-based Chandlery Yacht Sales has repped premium makers including J-Boats and MJM for decades, and the X-Yachts line would be the perfect addition. 

Kieding was in Mystic, CT as the guest of X-Yacht USA’s Bob Rogers who was taking delivery of the sleek 46-footer. “The fit and finish was impeccable, all the electronics had been installed and calibrated, and even the rig had been tuned.” Kieding says the boat’s build and preparation was second to none. “They splashed her directly from the ship, we hoisted the sails, and we were off.” Within weeks, Kieding and Rogers formalized an arrangement granting Chandlery Yacht Sales the exclusive rights to represent X-Yachts in the Western U.S. 

According to Kieding, the economic uncertainty brought on the pandemic hasn’t deterred serious buyers who are looking for the rare combination of luxury and performance found in an X-Yacht. “With X-Yachts we can offer a full line of state-of-the-art, semi-custom sailboats from 38 to 65 feet that exceed expectations. They are clearly a cut above designs offered by major production builders – and that’s what our customers want.” 

Contact Kenny Kieding at Chandlery Yacht Sales for X-Yacht prices, options, and build time. He can be reached at [email protected] or 805-698-7060 and is happy to help!