where it’s at

After considerable thought, (not really that much thought actually!) I have decided to go with Quantum Sails for the inventory on my Ericson 35-2, Anarchy V.  Though I have had some great sails over the years, (most recently 3Di Raw North sails on my FT 10 A4),  I truly have always loved Quantum Sails the most, and am quite happy to be getting their latest stuff on the boat. And in my mind, Quantum kites are the best!

I have some very good friends who work at Quantum, so this is a bit of a homecoming for me. The boat has been fully measured (that’s Andrew LaPlant from Quantum SD measuring in the photo, and we’ll have a video on the measurement process  very soon).

The design process is next  for the sails we’ve decided on; Mainsail, 155% AP Genoa, .50 S1 Runner, an A 2.5 Reaching Asso, and a Genoa Staysail. The boat has a #3 (sort of) that we’ll have to fake it with when it blows, at least for now – I can’t buy every friggin sail! Love to have a proper #2, but that sail would sit below for 95% of it’s life. We are choosing Quantum Fusion for the main and 155%, and unsure what we’ll make the Genoa Staysail out of.

Why a genoa staysail? These boats were designed for double head rigs and they can be really fast in the right conditions. We’ll cut the older 155% into a Jib Top (losing a little lp, we know) and for some of the races we like to do like the Hot Rum series, around the Coronado Islands, Ensenada races, etc., that configuration can be a weapon. And with a 44 year-old 5ksb, we need  everything we can get!

We’ll share the sail design and conversations on video as well, along with fitting the sails and going out sailing with them for the first time – yay!

Huge shout out also to CF Koehler for their nice work in their yard (and fitting us in when they along with all  the other yards were jammed!), Scott Dalin from SD1D Rigging. Jimmy Slaughter from Performance Yacht Rigging will be doing all our new running rigging (Jimmy is opening up his own shop, which is great) and Paige Johnston is helping us switch from wheel to tiller (steering with a wheel on this size boat is ridiculous).

Tom Nutter at The Graphix Group did an excellent job with the boat name graphics and exquisite attention to detail and The Sailing Supply has been great filling our gear needs as well! Very very fortunate to have so many talented people in this town who have been instrumental in our ability to get the old gal up and running!

For now, we’re enjoying the refrigeration, pressure water and electric head (!) while day sailing with family and friends as often as we can. That alone on this comfy cruiser has made me incredibly happy with my decision to get an E35.

And damn does my GF dig it! To me, sailing without my significant other is unthinkable!

We are going to line up with a fast sistership when ready and see where we’re at, and (hopefully) targeting the SDYC Yachting Cup in October as perhaps our first race, so we’ll have plenty of time to get the boat sorted.

Don’t worry, there will plenty more from me… – ed.

Title inspiration thanks to Beck.