you bet we want one

Big Pimpin'

The start of a race is a one round, 5 minute, knife fight. In a world of swiss army knife instruments, the new ProStart is the machete you need to eviscerate the competition and own the start.

The design of the new ProStart was driven by feedback from thousands of users. We kept the intuitive start specific user interface that you know and love, and added a Gorilla glass display, high-speed GPS, rechargeable battery, and a groundbreaking new magnetic compass.

The new ProStart’s backlit, bonded, super high-contrast GorillaⓇ Glass display gives you the best visibility of any self-contained instrument in all conditions.

Behind the display, the ProStart features a high-speed, multi-constellation GPS receiver, a new unrivaled tactical-grade magnetic compass, and a 6-axis inertial measurement unit. These advanced sensors are powered by a 75 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The result is a simpler, yet more capable ProStart with unrivalled accuracy. This is the instrument you need to start better and win races.

The new ProStart is available now. Each new ProStart is manufactured, calibrated, and tested by Velocitek in San Mateo, California.