well that ain’t good news

The Biz

Given the incredible amount of boats Beneteau is now selling, how does this make sense? Covid-19? Hmmm…
However, here are some numbers that help explain this.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect businesses across South Carolina, another business announced it will be closing its doors for good. The Beneteau Boat plant has been a staple in Marion for over 30 years and in two months it will leave a number of people in Marion County out of work.

One of those people is Leroy Graves, who has been with the plant for 31 years. “It’s not about the money, it’s not about the prestige, I had someplace where I can go to work,” says Graves. However, on Tuesday morning that all changed when the plant announced their last day will be on September 15th. Read more thanks to ABC 15 News.