this is not hard people

This is from the “What can’t I complain about?” file… 

How many god damn times do we have to yell at race organizers over this odd semantic bullshit? They are not running the 2020 J/105 NA’s in 2021. There is no 2020 J/105 National Championship! It has been cancelled. It does not exist because it never happened, and it is not going to happen in 2020. You cannot magically say we are having a 2020 event in 2021 without sounding like an idiot.

And what of 2022? Will you be holding the 2021 event then? and then in 2023, the 2022 event, and..well, I think you see where this goes. It goes straight to stupid.

No, what reality dictates is that you are having the 2021 National Championships in, wait for it…2021! Imagine that. – ed. 

2020 J/105 North American Championship to be Sailed in 2021

July 16, 2020– The J/105 Class Association, Annapolis Yacht Club and J/105 Fleet #3 have determined, because of the varying levels of infection and disruption across the world, that this year’s J/105 North American Championship scheduled for October 29-November 1 will be raced October 28-31, 2021. The Organizing Authority has been closely monitoring the worldwide developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. They understand the commitment of time and money required to participate in a Continental Championship, as well as the enormous resources that our hosts dedicate to such events.