ultra cool

We teased you with the finished product, now here’s the story!

A while ago I think I remember reading an article about where all the Ultra 30’s are now? I didn’t contribute as we were only part way through our project and I didn’t want every man and his dog offering up their opinion on what we were doing. Pictured left is what we started with!

We have kept it off social media but as we’ve just launched and had a sail,  I thought you guys might be interested in it. (ya think? – ed.)

Me and my mate Craig have been racing a Viper 640 in Cornwall in the UK for the last 8 years, we love the boat but as we have young families, we wanted something bigger but essentially the same.

All the new fast 30’s, boats I like, were miles out of our budget so that got me thinking about building something. There happened to be 2 Ultra 30’s locally that we’re just left to rot and I started to think about converting one into a conventional sport boat.

Long story short we bought them both, one for a bit of fun to sail it in it’s original set up  and one to convert and we’ve spent two years doing just that. So building a new bulb keel, building a new deck and adding a carbon rig  (a Mumm 30 rig ), but keeping the original hull shape.

Pictured here was the boat we converted, Lawrie Smiths (originally Black Bottle, then Frontera, then this one ). – Anarchist Duncan.

We’ll have an update after they sail this weekend in some breeze! – ed.