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Yesterday I pointed out the irresponsible absurdity of BYC members and officials taking a maskless, non social distancing photo for the Port Huron race.  Sure, you complainers will always have something to bitch about, and I don’t care. It’s part of the mix with what we do here at SA.

But I don’t think I’v ever seen this particular kind of insanity, falsely accusing us of “staging” the photo, claiming it is “fake news” and calling the obviousness of the photo and my comment a “false narrative.  I don’t know this particular whiner at all, but he sure has a giant, brain eating bug up his ass. Good times.

Attention all sailors and racers out there. Sailing Anarchy has posted a deliberate and staged photograph to implicate the Bayview Yacht Club and competitors in the Port Huron to Mackinac Race. Event organizers have gone out of their way to conduct a safe race under the strict Covid-19 guidelines set by the State of Michigan. Any insinuation to the contrary is fake news and false. I’m not going to post or share this photo because again, it was used for a false narrative. Unfortunately, if you go to their site you are giving them the “hits” they desire. Don’t give bad journalism the attention they don’t deserve!!

Jump on in here. The level of willful stupidity is amazing. Oh wait, we live in the time of trumptardism – nothing is shocking anymore. – ed.