no socializing for you

Some Aussie Covid news from The Cruising yacht Club of Austrailia…

Earlier this week the Club received a call from Australian Sailing to pass on updated advice it had received from Government as regards maximum numbers able to take part in community sporting activities – which includes yacht racing.

This advice was that the Club should ensure that at no point are there more than 500 people on its premises for the purpose of sailing (so excluding the Clubhouse), under the prevailing level of permissible activities. Accordingly, while generally this would not be an issue, there was concern that the Club would be in breach of the limit after its Winter Series races when there could be quite a number on the Marina – perhaps enjoying a post-race crew drink.

We checked our records and it was evident that 93 vessels left and returned to the CYCA last Sunday and some 700 sailors transited through the Club. With boats coming in generally over a 90 minute window it is not inconceivable that we might in the future run afoul of this limit – and looking at what is happening in Victoria, we were quite reasonably asked by Australian Sailing to put in place a plan to avoid a breach.

Accordingly, with effect from this Sunday, the Club will be adopting a “Stow & Go” policy as follows:

  • When you arrive at the Club, please board and head out asap – we think there is less of an issue here but it makes sense to be careful!
  • The Winter Series race itself will be run as usual – there are no advised compliance issues when we are on the water.
  • When you return to the Marina, however, you now have only 30 minutes from when you tie up to depart your boat, enter the Clubhouse if numbers allow or leave the CYCA premises. Please do not linger on your boat, on the dock or in the car park.
  • This means you must not stay on board with your crew and socialise – sorry but you’ll have to share a drink after sails are down in the harbour before you come back in!
  • One or two crew can, of course, remain on board for maintenance purposes only.

We are doing this to ensure we stay below 500 people on CYCA premises (excluding the Clubhouse) at any point in time. From the moment you tie up, you are part of this limit, so we need to cycle people through to avoid breaching the regulations.

This Stow & Go policy will be enforced and so you must always follow instructions of CYCA staff – it just isn’t worth the risk to flout these regulations and risk our racing being terminated, or worse.

I am sorry that the Club has had to do this, but it seemed the least inconvenient way of abiding by the new advice. Stow & Go will apply until we are advised otherwise.