big trouble

UPDATE: We have heard that Lia is okay. More as we get it…

This is a tough one for us to write, but we fear that our friend Lia Ditton may currently be in grave danger, as she has reported 2 hours ago on her blog, that she has “capsized”. No need for us to fluff it up, here’s the straight quote, which unfortunately cuts out mid-communication. 


This is a blog I hoped I would never write. Around 5PM PST, there appeared a Japanese woodcut wave just like yesterday’s. Then it struck. The boat skidded onto her side and over we went. ‘It’s happening’, I thought. I was plunged head first into the water. 

‘Don’t let go of the boat.’ I had my arm around the starboard carbon rail, but then the rail was submerged and I was still being propelled by the wave. My arm hooked the port rail a moment later as the boat rolled over the top of me, but that too was then submerged. Forced to let go, I came to the surface. ‘Find the boat.’ I found the boat. ‘Find the safety line.’ I fumbled but

Unfortunately Lia’s blog cuts out right there, but we assume she is doing somewhat okay if she is sending out blog entries. We hope that the boat flipped back over and all will soon be well.  But we don’t know that, and we also don’t want to speculate on her safety or situation without more information.

What we do know is that she is seeing heavy northerly winds of up to 30 predicted, which could likely mean gusts over 40. Combined with LIa’s desire to get west by southwest rather than get blown straight south, she would have been rowing beam-on to some big breaking waves right now. Posting her capsize blog at a position of 30* 41 N by 123* 33 W, Lia is roughly 350 NM west southwest of San Diego, being blown south at over a knot. 

We’ll continue to follow her closely on her blog. Stay strong Lia!