giving wings, wings

Of course your faithful editor is not the first to discover the joy of boat restos, but I am really glad I have shared mine, because there are a lot of you doing, or have done, or thinking about doing this. I think there is sincere momentum behind this sort of direction.

Here is a recent one that has been sent to us, and I’d really like to keep this going! Drop me a note if you’d like to share – I know so many of us dig this action! – ed.

Not sure if we have not already sent you information about the restoration, (ongoing) of the classic Serendipity 43 Wings. The boat was intact but a little beat up when it arrived by truck in Seattle, and our budget did not allow a boat yard project to completely rebuild the boat, nor was it needed, but work was commenced immediately and continued gradually over the course of years.

In fact there have been three major refits on Wings and of course, another is due soon. The cost is high, but for a great boat, it is worth it.  – Anarchist Frederick.

We will be posting a more thorough feature on Wings soon! – ed.