5.2 ksb

Most of you already know thatI sold A4, and bought a 1976 Ericson 35-2, to be called Anarchy V, and here it is. Had to go to Chicago to find a decent one, bought from the super nice McCarthy family. You cannot believe what E-35-2 shitters there are for sale, holy jesus! This one has had most of the heavy lifting done – re-cored decks, new inboard, new rudder.

It came looking like this and we have spiffed it up a bit with some paint, making the rig better,¬† and getting ready to put a sail program together. We’re gonna wait till winter to put a new bottom on it, because as shitty as this VC-17 looks, it is quite smooth so we’ll sail it for a bit before I spend yet another chunk of money on this fucking thing!

When we get the yacht all cleaned up inside and out, I’ll show you more and share the things that we are doing to the boat – nothing earth-shattering – just¬† a couple items here and there. Gotta say, I am really looking forward to some quality time on this boat, racing and relaxing. The grudge match between Benny Mitchell and Karen Busch (owners of the sistership, Wani Racing) has already begun! – ed.

PS – I have a couple of questions about sail inventory that I am going to run by y’all tomorrow…