no go, pro bro

The waters off Cape Town were pretty much glassy smooth. There were a few cat’s paws chasing across the bay and the only TP52 out on the water is the French crew of Jean Luc Petithuguenin’s Paprec. It is situation normal.

The Paprec guys, led by Stéphane Neve, may have the oldest boat in Cape Town and a budget a fraction of the top teams but, as usual, they are taking every chance to be on the water, doing what they love.

And they still do it for the love of it. On the Paprec team only the boat captain, shore crew, cook and coach are paid. They cherish their sailing hours more than most. Consequently there have been many occasions since they joined the circuit in 2013 when Paprec have not rushed back to the dock, but stayed out to enjoy the location. Read on.