seek and ye shall find

Some time ago – just over a month ago to be exact, a friend in Hong Kong sent me the website of an amateur sailor called Rory Hunter. Day one of his solo trip from Hong Kong to Australia non-stop didn’t bode well with a strong wind (35 knots) doing all sorts of damage and ending with him listening to the AIS ping within range of the shipping lanes.

I didn’t do anything with it as from the first day or so I didn’t want to tempt fate but I followed the trip off and on and am glad to say that Rory has made it to Oz. The website includes a comprehensive and (I assume) honest and accurate account of the trip which wasn’t always smooth sailing but which may surprise many of his detractors in Hong Kong.

I’m doubly glad I didn’t jump in as not only has he made it in one piece (and what cruise or voyage ever completes without challenges along the way and of course I am glad I didn’t tempt fate and pillory him after one episode of misfortune.

Bottom line is he had the balls, gumption and self belief as an Corinthian in our sport to make a multi-thousand voyage non-stop across a significant chunk of the Pacific Ocean which is a hell of a lot more than most of us would feel motivated or capable of doing.

Only one thing left to say – Bloody Well Done! – SS.