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Big Pimpin'

It’s time to get back on the water and find those winning ways, quicker than your competition. But how?

Professional sailors quickly and repeatedly appear to find ‘that gear’. They point higher off the start line. They go faster than the competition. They reach the finish line first. Yet, the weekend sailor has limited control over what kind of day they will have on the water. Check out their video here.

There are few variables that are directly controllable by the crew, but Four-time Volvo Ocean Race Winner Stu Bannatyne says that “matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is the key to upwind performance.” 

So, if a sailor could set their rig up precisely according to the wind and their sails time after time, they would have a massive leg-up on the competition. This is where the smarttune from Cyclops Marine comes in.

The minds at Cyclops are harnessing the latest technology to create smarttune, a simple-to-install load sensor that accurately measures stay tension in real time, transmitting rig-loads wirelessly to a smartphone or boat instruments. Check it out!