morc classic?

After a five year adventure with a MacGregor 25 we impulse-bought off the side of the highway (go ahead and get your laughs out – we actually tuned it up and had a blast racing it and being way more competitive than we had any right to be), I’m boat shopping again.

This time, I’m looking for a first-generation fiberglass boat with MORC pedigree in the 24-27 foot range. I like the idea of having a boat with classic lines, with the structural strength of 60s-era fiberglass construction. There are a few other boats like this in our fleet, so it would be fun to get a little group of early modern classics together.

I’m looking at the Yankee Dolphin 24 and the Pearson Ariel/Commander and Renegade. What else should I be looking at? My budget is 5-6K, and if I can find something cheaper that I can clean up and have cash left over for sails and rigging, that’s a plus. I know there are other boats that fit this description but I’m having trouble finding them.

What do you think? I’ve had a lot of fun in newer MORC boats over the years and would like to honor the history of the rule with our next boat.

Help a brother out.