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Our buddy Chris Snow has a new gig

If you have raced on sailboats for some time, one job you might aspire to is fill the role of tactician. Every boat with a crew of more than one must have a tactician or one person who is in charge of making decisions on where the boat gets placed on the race course and how.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that decision making by committee while racing does not work. There are way too many other jobs on the boat that must be done well all the time to make decision making by consensus effective.  So, for all you aspiring tacticians, here’s hoping your wish comes true and let’s take a look at some skills and techniques you can use to succeed in that position.

 Before we get into how to be an effective tactician let’s first look at what the role is and isn’t so we have a clear picture of the tasks the tactician takes on while racing.  Read on.