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The Portland Yacht Club Monhegan Island Race and Seguin Island Sprint are set to sail!  Racing is struggling most everywhere right now and the global pandemic has turned regatta organizers into regatta cancellers and we thought we might go down the same path here in Maine.  But, we are determined to keep this 90+ year old race going and have worked for months to revamp it for a new generation of offshore sailing.  What’s new about an old race you might ask?

The courses are all new and designed for the long term.  Over the past 20 years the US government has been removing navigational aids we used as turning marks and we have been adjusting the courses. This led to a confusion and inconsistency of records.  We recognize that records and consistency is important and the Race Committee has put an big emphasis on this, even allowing people to set race records at a time of their choosing. We also notice that sailboats are getting faster and that sailors have less time to devote to their sport.  The two courses allows boats to choose either course (if they fit the requirements);  a quick weekend race over a few hours or a longer distance race over a couple of days. Sailors can then choose what fits their boat and time commitment best.

The long course is the Monhegan Island Race which starts on Friday, August 7th. This race is an approximately 140nm course starting in Casco Bay, going out Hussey Sound then turning south to round Boon Island off of the coast of York, Maine; then northeast towards Monhegan Island, followed by a finish at Portland Head Light near the entrance of Portland Harbor. The short course is the Seguin Island Sprint which starts on Saturday, August 8th. This race is an approximately 50nm course starting in Casco Bay heading to Seguin Island and back to the finish at Portland Head Light. Both races are targeted to finish Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, of course depending on conditions.

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