back at it again

Big Pimpin'

I met Juan Mauri back in 2003, and MAURIPRO Sailing was one of the first title sponsors of Sailing Anarchy. Not much after, we threw together a fun, sexy, crazy party at the 2005 Chicago Boat Show (Juan had some of the cutest gal pals and we are glad there were no social media during those days!).

Since then, MAURIPRO Sailing has grown from three people to many more, located in 4 different offices around the world, running 39 sailing websites and serving and shipping to over 57 different countries every month. They are going strong, and they are growing, but most important, they are back supporting SA and sponsoring the Gear Anarchy Forum!

Juan (after 20 years of living in the USA, he still has that funny South American accent), thinks there is a need to re-build a place for One Design sailors: “When it comes to Cruising, PHRF, or ORC racing, we do great, but we can do better for the dinghy sailor. We plan to bring back Layline as a performance sailing area and turn it into the One Design boutique everybody is asking for.” Stay tuned for more news.

You just need to talk with anyone at their company and you can see that there is a culture built around supporting sailors worldwide, and a passion for sailing and sailboats. Visit: MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to sailing solutions.

Title inspiration thanks to Yella Beezy, Quavo and Gucci Mane. – ed