spring training

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A little background on our program…

Our crew is spread out from as far east as Cleveland, as far west as Detroit, as far south as Columbus, and a bunch in between. As a result of being so spread out, we don’t do weeknight club races. We may be one of the last rare breeds that only travels with their boat. This has it’s disadvantages, the biggest being time on the boat. Since good chunk of our crew has only been assembled over the last season and a half, I want to start putting together some sort of practice program┬áthis year on the weekends we don’t have travel events.

Still seems strange to be discussing spring training in July, but it is what it is! If you were a weekend warrior PHRF racer and wanted to put together a practice/training program for your crew knowing that you…

1. Won’t have full participation from your entire team every Sunday due to scheduling and travel restrictions.

2. More than likely will not have another boat to spar and tune up against

What types of activities would you incorporate into these sessions aside from basic boat handling skills and learning all the stupid boat tricks (gybe sets, mexican take downs, etc…)?

Sits back and opens a bag of popcorn