unlike trump, we apologize

 It may be that we have been somewhat premature in calling The Ocean Race postponed until next year and for that we apologize.

The world is going through massive uncertainties with concerns for the “second wave” of COVID-19.  Will countries open up in a complete enough manner,  will some stopover countries still have some form of quarantine in place and so on. Perhaps just a simple question of how close to the ‘old normal’ will the much talked about ‘new normal’ be.

However given the standard challenges of raising sponsorship in the sport of sailing which will have certainly been exacerbated by the COVID-19 and the resultant economic meltdown, raising funds for a race around the world have certainly not got any easier with some companies considered good sponsor prospects already having laid off thousands of workers.

One thing that is incontrovertible is that the sponsor pool has just shrunk.

As many teams in the past have found, it is sometimes much harder to get to the actual start line than to compete in the race itself,  and COVID-19 has just put that challenge up a notch or two.

No matter what, we continue to hope for the best for The Ocean Race as one of the pinnacles of our sport, perhaps the toughest challenge in any sport, and the only fully crewed race around the world, as the first edition put it,  “Leaving Cape Horn to Port”

Perhaps a bit like Monty Python’s Holy Grail where in one scene people were being called to “Bring out Your Dead”. One person thrown on the cart says in a quiet voice “I’m not dead” and we don’t think The Ocean Race is either.

We think the race is in good hands and we are sure correct decisions will be made to ensure the success of not only the next edition but further into the future.”