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Just as the country’s sailing and yachting sector are returning to relatively normal operations, so too are innovations within Croatia’s associated industries. One such innovation is that a boat made from cannabis will be built in the Istrian village of Kaštelir. Taking its power from the sun’s rays via solar panels mounted atop, the boat will be an altogether green option for taking to the high seas.

Luciano Beg, the owner of Marservis, a ship construction company from Kaštelir, is the mastermind behind the scheme. He recognised the potential for using the fibres of hemp (the name of the cannabis plant when grown for industrial purposes) in tandem with resin to construct a boat hull. In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, Marservis has designed a 15-metre long catamaran which was successfully submitted to a public contest of IRI, an EU investment fund.

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