survey says

Our friends at GlobeSailor have taken a survey (some of it admittedly self-serving) regarding the sport going forward.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused unprecedented disruption on health, economic and above all, human levels.The pandemic nobody was prepared for still remains at large in many parts of the world and has halted many industries including travel and tourism, events, logistics… and of course, the yacht charter industry. Many fear that this unprecedented health crisis may trigger an even more paralysing economic crisis…

One question remains: once recreational sailing eventually makes a return, what are the prospects for the sector in the months and years to come? With closed borders and health/travel restrictions in place, how can summer cruising actually happen this year? How much will boaters and yachting enthusiasts be prepared to spend on their next sailing holiday? What measures or new services will boaters expect from charter professionals to guarantee their safety so they can sail with peace of mind?

Read on to check the results of the survey.