see ya next year

The Ocean Race will be postponed 1 year. This is hardly surprising as with everything having been in lockdown for most of this year any meetings between potential teams and sponsors will have been extremely difficult as would any development of the teams themselves.

Add to that the fact that the pool of potential sponsors has likely shrunk considerably with the world economy having largely been on hold for the past 3 months it would be very difficult for the board of any company to justify a multi-million dollar spend on a yacht race while simultaneously furloughing or laying off members of staff.

So A), not surprising to the point of probably actually expected and B), extremely sensible given, not only the current economic climate but also the uncertainty over who from which country can go where.

Of course the latter should (hopefully) have eased by next year, never mind 2022 but teams need crew movement sooner rather than later if they are going to assemble the right people in the right place.