steer your own boat

The Sydney Morning Herald – Letter to The Editor, signed ‘Sail Your Own Boat’ (1876)

“Sir; I have always been under the impression that our regattas were intended to develop and encourage seamanship, and a love for aquatic pursuits. How is it that in the yacht and sailing-boat races the amateur element is passed by, and we find boat-owners who have already been put to very heavy expense in building and fitting out their craft, diving still deeper into their pockets to pay a crack crew, and a professional to steer for them?

Why should this be? I do not think there is one yacht or sailing boat owner that would object to the restriction, if placed upon them, to steer their own boats. It is not yet too late to alter this, and I hope to see it done. I know of several boats whose owners cannot and will not go to the expense of a professional crew and skipper.”

JP Morgan – Millionaire, philanthropist, yachtsman (1837-1913)

“I will do business with anyone; I choose only to sail with gentlemen.”