it’s a beaut

Kathleen running free – painting by Jack Earl

“It’s a beaut life. Everything’s different all the time and you’re very aware of the elements. There’s nothing to stop you, there’s that big dome right over you, 360 degrees all around you all the time. I could stay out there forever, really. You don’t look for bad weather although you get your fair share of it. It’s always pretty lively in a small boat.

We used to laugh about it – that in the Trades you’d expect to be coasting along in beautiful, warm, soft Tradewinds but it doesn’t always work out like that. It blows a blasted gale sometimes and you’ve got to reduce sail and get very wet. We’ve had some wonderful times sailing – between ports. As a matter of fact all your troubles are in landfalls. There’s never any trouble at sea, really.”

Jack Earl – circumnavigator and marine artist (1985)