ac 75 for sale, kinda

You to can line up against American Magic, Prada, Emirates Team New Zealand and Ineos Team UK. For sale is a partly built hull and a world class carbon deck built to the specs of a current AC campaign. You’ll just need a rig, sails, foils, electronics package, high speed ribs, project managers and about $200 million to catch up to all the fully funded programs.

I forgot to mention you’ll need a world class helmsman, tactician, flight controller, several grinders, boat builders, Shore team, etc.

This is a fantastic opportunity to flush a couple hundred million. You surely have a chance to challenge other syndicates that already have hundreds of hours on test boats and first gen AC75’s. Don’t wait too long as most syndicates are working to launch their gen 2 boats shortly. There is still time to challenge, 231 days to be exact. Only serious inquires will be reviewed.

What the hell, just come and get it, sources say a dumpster was ordered and the city won’t allow it to rot in the parking lot.

So to the dumpster it goes.