get out the house

My lovely gf and I sailed The Cortez Racing Association Household Wolds this past Saturday, and it was super fun for sure. However, I bet if she hears “Ease the jib a bit, babe” one more time, I may get the beating we all know I deserve. The Harbor 20 is is an excellent day sailor, and in OD, those guys have way too much fun. In a choppy and a bit fluky 9.4 mile bay race, maybe not that great. We sat firmly at 5th out of 10 boats in class. Boom!

Huge congrats to the monohull overall winners, the father-son duo of John and Zach Downing. Two nicer people cannot be found, and they got Ran, their Esse 750 going quite well for the win.  Props also to Ian Storer for winning the  small but quick 3 boat multihull fleet. It took an amazing effort by CRA’s Colleen Cooke, Susi Graff,  shoreside PRO, and Shelly Raming was the Recorder/Scorer to pull off this race with 40 entries!

Said overall winner John Downing:

Kudos to Colleen who is showing some real chops as a PRO.   Doing the whole thing by herself and one on shore is really pretty impressive. 3 minute dingy start sequences, radio hand holding and using herself as the RC start line mark were all creative and really smart.   My vote for SCOTW.   That girl has done far more for the sport in San Diego than pretty much anyone I can think of.”

We’ll second that. – ed.