accepting all offers

As you might imagine, we get weird shit thrown at us all the time. Check this one out from today:

Is it true that **** ****** tried to purchase Sailing Anarchy in order to kill it off or merge it with his web site, and if so, whatever happened with that?

About a week before COVID-19 shut everything down, I was at the StFYC bar and he was at a nearby table, yakking away that he and some buddy from Southern California were trying to buy SA. He said you had basically pissed off everyone in sailing and the SA site looked like something from 1998 and they hoped to get it for a bargain price.

Anyway, I happened across his awful web***¬† the other day and figured I’d see what was up. Also, I’ve noticed that SA still has its edge, so it hasn’t been turned to milquetoast, which it would if **** ****** owned it.

– Anarchist Richard