seems the right thing to do

The Grand Prix Guyader, scheduled to be held from 15 to 23 August has been cancelled.

(Translated) Christian Guyader, President of Guyader Gastronomie, Gwen Chapalain, manage Sea to See, and board members of administration of Douarnenez Regatta Society showed their determination to maintain the event despite the difficult context related to the health crisis have finally made the decision to not pursue the organization of work of the Grand Prix, believing it impossible to do safely and calmly.

A huge regret for the different actors who deploy all their energy for many years to provide Regatta very high level, but also enhance the reputation of the bay of Douarnenez for tourism and economic purposes.

They said…

“It is with regret that we make this announcement, but the Guyader Grand Prix is an event based on fun, either for competitors, spectators, organizers, volunteers. Since its inception, the event has managed reconcile sport and usability. no friendliness, this is more Guyader Grand Prix. “