seeking safe

From our awesome friends at Waterlust!

1.5 hours generator run-time, every-other-day, means we have 1.5 years of diesel fuel aboard, in the most optimistic scenario. Propane, not as generous, 10 lb tank per 4 weeks, 17 lbs remain, which equates to 6.8 more weeks of essential cooking gas.

Rice: 17 lbs
Flour: 25 lbs
Beans: 5 lbs
Cooking oil: 2.5 liters

I keep lists of everything.

We are having more rice and seafood than we ever have, thanks to relatively healthy nearby reefs and a well-stocked collection of non-perishables. But despite these food-extending efforts, one day we will run low on supplies. These are the kinds of thoughts that zip through my head daily as we navigate a global pandemic on a sailboat stuck in a desolate corner of the Caribbean.

My name is Conor Smith, and like everyone, my life has changed dramatically in recent months. My fiancé, Stephanie, and I live aboard our sailboat full time and had plans to be logging 2,000 nautical miles under her keel by the summertime. Instead we are seeking isolated anchorages in the remote Bahamas to remain safe during these unsure times. We are looking to minimize exposure to other people and have a war-like mindset to reduce our consumption of supplies and fuel to extend the working life of everything we have aboard.

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