threading the needle

Not all is lost.  In the year that everything got cancelled, it may seem that way, but it isn’t. These guys seem to be an in demand item; probably due to their small footprint and offering a self-sufficient learn to fly experience. With that being the case, Fulcrum is finding themselves focusing hard on threading the needle. Staying on top of demand while protecting their team at all cost from the pandemic. – ed.

This video excerpt from the conversation between Fulcrum’s president Dave Clark and (now remote) Director of Sales Kirk Nash:

“These are rough times for everybody. The good news for us is that as an organization we set ourselves up to excel at adaptability and creativity and times like these call for those types of qualities. So we’re doing well enough. I’m proud of how everybody’s done as a team; how we’ve adapted to improve our health and safety as much as we possibly can.

We’ve always been a home delivery company and we’re presently doing a full pivot to a home delivery economy. The boat has always been an end in itself to sail. It doesn’t really require any sort of fleet activity or program to be part of for it to be fun, and so our market has stayed stable and healthy. And that’s formed as a prompt. A crisis is always an opportunity to think things through.

So it’s worked as a way for us to act more creatively and think through yet more ways to make things easier. In this case it’s that we have to remain very cellular in the way that we work. The good news about composites is that you’re dealing with chemicals all day every day, so everybody’s industrial hygiene leads into our personal hygiene.”