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If you want someone to perform at the highest level a good start is to find a person that has been there before and got something of a track record. That appears to be the case with World Sailing.

David Graham comes to World Sailing as their new CEO in July of this year into the cauldron of what must be one of the most challenging periods in our world governing body’s history.

With finances already straining and the millstone of expensive offices World Sailing needed COVID-19 like a hole in the head with the ramifications of a delayed Olympiad and subsequent funding leading to a need to draw on cash reserves these are challenging times for our sport.

David has been in the ‘business’ of sailing for a couple of decades most recently as CEO of Oman Sail having run a sailing school and been involved on the manufacturing side of our sport. A wide range of experiences and expertise across many elements of our sport.

At Oman Sail he has transformed the desert Kingdom into a world respected venue for high end events while at the other end of the sale he has introduced our sport to the ordinary Omanis all the way through to developing the Oman National Team into one of the leading lights of Asian Sailing.

Already known to World Sailing as Oman Sail last year,  he was awarded the World Sailing President’s Development Award and I wonder who contacted who? Either way, he appears a good fit for the positions, is clearly well regarded within the corridors of power, and all of us in our sport should wish him well.

No one is perfect as he has apparently recently been trying his hand at kite surfing. I do jest however as in the modern world our leaders need t be aware of all aspects of their responsibility and be aware of the needs of all members of our constituency.