may day!

Local Knowledge

Chicagoland update: The boatyard is taking requests from boat owners that work on their own boats, ostensibly to fill ‘x’ number of slots per day, per building, a maximum of 2 crew per boat, gloves/masks mandatory, no ‘wandering’ and keeping a minimum of 6′ distance. This is AKA “The New Unusual” (these times being anything but normal). I have a slot tomorrow (5-2) from 8-6:30, knowing I’ll be fried by 2 PM and feel guilty about the unused hours.

The Lakefront, and thus the Marinas, won’t open until AT LEAST June 1. Questions have been asked, but unanswered, “what if we get to the lake, everything shuts down and we can’t get our boats off the lake?”. Stay tuned…

In years past, assemblies and components were pulled from the boat, fixed/repaired/upgraded and immediately returned to the boat for installation. Not possible since the middle of March and the hanging/exploded view depicts 3 overlapping components begun pre C-19: new headliner (mandating the center hatch be pulled), new interior grab rails to hang the newly fabricated p/sb pipe berths, intended for use in the ‘still-not-cancelled’ Chicago to Mac Race.

I make no apologies for the gratuitous inclusion of the SA bumper sticker.

Grizz out…