If the trimaran market is still small in the nautical world, the development of multihulls in recent years has contributed to its growth. Rather reserved for offshore racers or pleasure seekers, the trimaran is today a real cruise ship , with very comfortable amenities, as is the case for Neel for example.

The problem of the place in the port is no longer really one since very often, mooring buoys are reserved for multihulls in the outer harbor or in the channel. Finally, certain foldable models make it possible to obtain the same template as a monohull.

On the trimaran market , there are two types of units, those designed for coastal cruising and those designed for habitable cruising . Often, in the first case, the boats have folding arms, allowing them to be transportable to the road gauge, and therefore to be able to go for a walk along the coast with his boat.

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